Are you ready to embrace the

4th Industrial Revolution?

You’ve heard of Industry 4.0, the latest wave of breakthrough technology. You’ve been told it offers unprecedented opportunity for your business—the chance to boost efficiency, save costs, improve safety and harness your huge potential. But when it comes to deciding where to start or what to do, do you feel stuck?

At SigConX, we solve real-world problems across all major industrial market sectors using game-changing new technologies. Our mission is to help you find the perfect digital tools to improve and optimise your business.

We are experts in:

Automated systems that collect information and provide data and analysis in real time, and in a simple format that makes sense to you.

Machine sensors that integrate with your existing hardware, software and storage systems.

Artificial intelligence that can monitor parameters 24/7, detecting and reporting defects before they grow into problems.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here

SigConX brings decades of experience providing integrated engineering solutions, and now we’re uniquely positioned to upgrade your existing technologies with the latest networking, data analysis, security and machine-learning techniques.

We are an independent Systems Integrator and our Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are designed using best-in-class technology. Our solutions will be customised to satisfy your specific needs. They will be carefully tested, deployed and maintained to ensure your data is always available, secure and actionable.

See how our technology can optimise your business