Helping you automate, connect and grow

The SigConX team has been providing customised process solutions for clients across the globe for the past 20 years. This puts us in a unique position to help companies like yours harness the extraordinary opportunities presented by Industry 4.0 – otherwise known as the Industrial Internet of Things.

Machine learning, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and data analysis are just some of the new technologies we specialise in. As independent systems integrators, we are able to select and test the best available solutions, and can build upon your existing platform of technologies rather than start your systems from scratch. This means your digital transformation could be far less costly than you might fear.

Get ready: The new industrial revolution

has started

We design practical, highly customised digital solutions to meet your business needs

We deploy the best available new technology and test it exhaustively

We will maintain your systems so you can be sure your data is always available and secure